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Tips on how to stop pimples

Tips on how to stop pimples
The acne is a result of pores clogged by excessive oiliness of the skin and accumulation ofdead cells . This obstruction causes the appearance of blackheads on the skin and used bookstores, which united to the action of bacteria end up festering and causing the appearance of pimples .

Step 1:

 Wash your face, preferably with soap for themselvesoily skin . I advise the Effaclar ( 2 in the above image ) from La Roche-Posay, the bar soap is the best option. It cleans the skin very well and still gets super sequinha . Use three times a week to "Clarisonic Sigma" ( the one in the picture above ) to help in the cleanup. Spend Effaclar soap in it and apply on face, cleaning and exfoliating at the same time. After using the Cleansing & Polishing Tool from Sigma you will notice that your skin will be very soft and lisinha. That is, the motorized brush ends dead cells and leaves the face even cleaner.

Step 2

 Exfoliate your skin is super important in the removal of dead cells and the reduction of skin oils . I advise an exfoliating Olay ( the 3 in the picture above ), you can combine with the Cleansing & Polishing Tool ( the one in the picture above ).

Step 3:

 Tone with astringent lotion. The astringent deep cleans the skin, removing toxins and impurities from the pores. Use astringent of Clearskin line ( 4 in the above image ) from Avon. The effect on the skin it is very good.

Step 4: 

When that spine begins to appear, apply the gel secativo squeezing is very tempting, but it is important to control and do not squeeze. When you squeeze a pimple, it takes more dirt and bacteria for a site that is already inflamed, which makes the situation worse and may also result in a marked and bruised skin. This secativo also line the Avon (5 in the image above ), is very good and has a very rapid effect.

Step 5:

Moisturize with cream foroily skin . You can not forget to moisturize, even if it occasionally. I advise one of Panvel ( 6 in the image above ).

Also remember to always remove well makeup and wear sunscreen for oily skin, both day-to-day as thebeach / pool.

Does not mean that the pimples will never appear, but when you are least conducive, the lower the incidence. Skin clean and well cared for is a great solution.


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