Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lemon to maintain the beauty

Lemon to maintain the beauty
The elements that nature gives us is a safe and economical way to maintain and enhance our beauty, and thanks to its compounds, lemon is an infinite source to perform various homemade recipes . Today we will show you how to use lime to maintain the beauty .

White Teeth

Consume water mixed with lemon (no sugar) after drinking coffee or tea. With this will prevent staining your teeth while will keep you with a fresh breath.


Mix the pulp of a lemon with brown sugar and say goodbye to all the dead skin cells. It's a great recipe, especially if your skin is very dry and flaky.

Natural golden highlights

In a spray mix lemon juice with water and apply on your hairEspecially during the summer season will help you achieve naturally a beautiful and subtle golden highlights. Also, if your hair is oily, use this mixture after bathing , because this will help reduce greasiness.


With a cotton ball go through his face in lemon juice and let stand for 20 minutes. Remember not to expose to the sun immediately, it is recommended that you make overnight.


Apply lemon juice on your nails, leave for 5 minutes and rinse with vinegar. This will help strengthen nails.


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