Saturday, 1 March 2014

5 tips to eliminate dark circles

5 tips to eliminate dark circles
If you have dark circlesAnd this looking for some tips from beauty to help you get rid of dark circles, or at least disguise them, so to help you get eliminate dark circles we bring super effective 5 tips to eliminate dark circles, leaving skin a much better appearance.

There are many natural remedies that can help you reduce dark circles effectively without causing other problems for the skin . Moreover, the remedies are cheap and give great results.
5 tips to eliminate dark circles

put some cucumber slices, raw potato, tomato, a cotton ball soaked with rosewater, ice cubes, mint leaves and green tea water are among the most popular options to eliminate dark circles 

5 tips to eliminate dark circlesFeeds well

A good diet improves the appearance of the skin, helping to eliminate dark circlesIn addition to eating well you need to drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses per day. Include in your diet green vegetables like broccoli and avoid the consumption of salt and sugar and also avoid excess caffeine.

Look for fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins E and C, and also consume the foods with iron, calcium and magnesium

Sleep tight

This is critical, dark circles are caused by an excess of accumulated fatigue. The ideal is to have eight hours of sleep every night. Not sleeping well makes our skin turns pale, making the blood vessels around the eyes more visible.

Another point to consider is to use two pillows instead of one to avoid the accumulation of fluids under the eyes.
Avoid stress
Stress causes dark circles more visible, maybe a good solution is to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.
Relaxing is important and necessary to live well and be beautiful forever
5 tips to eliminate dark circles

If you are having dark circles and need to eliminate them very quickly, so the best thing to do is use a makeup , but remember, follow the tips to eliminate dark circles, this is the best option.


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