Friday, 2 January 2015

Taking eye bags in 20 minutes

Taking eye bags in 20 minutes

Eliminate bags and dark circles quickly with homemade tricks to the eye contour

Often you wake up with eye bags? Do you have dark circles that make your face appear tired? If the answer is yes, you need a quick and easy solution that allows you to eliminate them as soon as possible. These home tricks promise effective results in less than 20 minutes.
Undoubtedly, the eye contour is one of the weaknesses of men and women, since they give shows not only the passing of time, but also of all kinds of disorders. The result is visible in the form of bags and dark circles. But ... you know what are the bags and dark circles, what causes and that differ from each other? Find out! Bags and dark circles: two different problems While both are located around the eyes, bags and dark circles are very different .

  • The bags are produced when liquid and toxins accumulate in the lower eyelids. Hence the tricks to combat the bags are oriented desinflamar ASAP this area.
  • On the other hand, the dark circles are caused by increased pigmentation in the same level. It looks completely different and also the revenue to treat them. However, some tricks to the bags can also be good for dark circles.

On that form the bags and dark circles?

Despite the bags and dark circles are different, can share some of their triggering causes . Among them:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fluid retention
  • Certain diseases
  • Genetic factors
  • Allergies
  • Sun exposure
  • Stress
  • Abuse of alcohol and tobacco

Furthermore, although there are very advanced aesthetic treatments to treat both bags as dark circles, can also be easily removed at home. Take note of these 12 homemade tricks to remove bags and dark circles and let live @ escondid behind those sunglasses

1 Apple. To combat the bags of your eyes, apply a spoon (soup) of applesauce over each eye. Place a sale to cover them to prevent the puree fall. Let this mask apple act for 20 minutes before going to sleep. You can also directly put two slices of apples over his eyes, but the effect will not be as powerful as the puree.
2 Turmeric. To lighten dark circles, prepare a paste with turmeric powder and water. Apply on dark circles and leave it for 10 minutes.
3 Cold milk. Another way to eliminate dark circles is to soak two cotton pieces in very cold milk and place them over each eye. After your application, put a sale to the pad begins to make its effect. Perform this treatment for 20 minutes.
4Cucumber. Simply cut two thick slices of cucumber. Refrigerate for 10 minutes and then place it on your eyes, others in December
5Almond oil. Apply almond oil on your dark circles, before bed, rubbing his eyelids.
6 Chamomile. Prepare an infusion of chamomile, soak a cotton ball and apply to the bags of their eyes so that they desinflamem in the blink of an eye.
7 Potato. Apply a slice over each eye, just as with the cucumber or grate a potato, extract the juice and apply with a cotton, leaving it to act for 15 minutes. This alternative is much more effective.
8 Té. After using the tea pouches, take them to the refrigerator and let them until they are well cold. Apply them on their lower eyelids, to quickly disappear their bags.
9 Mint leaves. Grind some leaves and place them on the dark circles 5-10 minutes.
10 Tomato. Tomato juice is also ideal to lighten dark circles. Apply on them and leave it for a few minutes.
11 Rose water. Apply on your dark circles cotton soaked in rose water for 15 minutes.
12 Ice never fails. Place it on your eyelids and leave it to remove their bags.
13 Lemon Lemon juice is very effective both to lighten dark circles as to desinflamar the eye bags. Apply it directly, alone or combined with any other tricks.

As you will notice there are natural options that can help you remove the bags and dark circles around the eyes in no time . Although quick treatments, not so are less effective, you should only have patience to put them into practice every night.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Deleting a fast spine

Deleting a fast spine

How to remove pimples quickly

Often, acne pimples make their appearance in the least opportune moment. If you are looking to eliminate a pimple quickly, you can use these tips to clear up pimples quickly. That way, your face will be free of pimples. ;)
The pimples are unsightly, particularly when they go out on his face. A single spine can completely change the look of your face. If you have a special commitment which wants to be radiant, need to know how to delete this damn quickly spine. the way to do that is not unlike certain routines that will incorporate more or less frequently than usual care of your skin. Take note:

1 . If you have put a makeup, remove it with a cleansing cream . Conselhinho to prevent future pimples: never go to bed without removing the makeup.
2 . Wash your face to clear your pores of impurities. Do it with warm or cold water, never hot. Dry with clean towel with soft touches and without rubbing. Then repeat this routine at least twice a day, morning upon waking and before going to sleep.
3  . Apply on your face a facial tonic suitable for your skin type.
4 . Next, apply a moisturizer.
5 .If long you do not exfoliate your skin, perform a facial scrub to leave the skin ready for the anti-acne treatment. (You can repeat it once a week)
6 Finally, prepare a special mask to eliminate pimples . If you follow the link above you will find many homemade, very effective options against pimples. Apply it on your face area you wish to treat and let it act 20 minutes.

Other recommendations to keep the skin clean and prevent the formation of new pimples:

  • Once a month, you can perform a skin cleanser deep .
  • Remember that 20 to 30 minutes of intense exercise daily activate blood circulation, which facilitates cleaning the skin.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day to eliminate toxins and avoid the appearance of pimples.
  • Once you have appeared, avoid touching the bones of his face .
  • Do not use makeup or products containing oil.

Thursday, 25 December 2014


A brush for blending, another to mark the concave and a third to put lipstick. You wise that can leave them all aside and make up with your fingers? Besides saving - the quality brushes are expensive - the effects and the results are surprising. Who teaches is the makeup artist Fabiano dos Santos, who stood on a reality beauty show just for choosing your fingers.

For him, the body heat and the natural oils on your hands help in setting products, leaving the make more intense. "I think it also gives a better definition to the features. The smoky, for example, is more beautiful, more degraded, more well done. Have the brush brand a lot, "he says.

To get the best out, choose the makeup  creamy and has a box of handkerchiefs Cosmetic Removers hand to do a quick cleaning the fingers during the make. How about then get rid of brushes and already get a make? At the request of Vital Portal , Fabiano has set up a tutorial to help you.


 spread the temple to the base of the ear with your fingertips (it's as if you were to give a stroke). In the region of the ear, let the blush darker (pressing a little more against the skin) and in the area of the cheek, let more light into the face become "thinner".


 Use a damp sponge first to avoid a heavy effect. With the finger (also dampened), strengthen the past without product. It is essential to take the bulk, because the skin can "crease" especially after age 40.


 tap the location where you want to hide imperfections, without spreading.


 for a more natural effect, the trick is to move the lower lip and squeeze the lips to mix at the top and bottom.


 make circumflex movements to cover the eyelid. The fingers are great for blending - Pinky helps illuminate the corner of the eye, for example.

Which finger is better for what?

Pinky: light the corner of his eye.

Ring: spending corrective.

East: apply and smudge shadow.

Indicator: applying lipstick.

Thumb: remove excess lipstick (put your finger between his lips and pull).

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bicarbonate and olive oil to eliminate acne blemishes

Bicarbonate and olive oil to eliminate acne blemishes
We all know that acne is a very nasty problem that affects many people, and is difficult to treat acne often leave ugly mark on the skin of people, therefore today we bring a very effective tip to remove scars acne .
Not many people know that acne often leave scars, and this is true because acne is a skin lesion and these cicatrizees can fade over time or may be permanent.
And a home remedy very effective in removing acne scars is baking soda with olive oil.

Now learn a little more of the benefits of each:

Benefits of bicarbonate for acne scars

Sodium bicarbonate is an easy ingredient to find and provides excellent results in the treatment of acne scars and for preventing their therefore acts as a polisher, rejuvenates, repairs damage on the skin, removes thetissue damage and promotes regeneration thereof.

Benefits of olive oil for acne scars

Olive oil, because of its great content in vitamins and antioxidants it turns out to be a very effective remedy to combat premature aging of the skin, it also has a detoxifying effect, removing all impurities and leaves the face smooth andbright .
Moreover, olive oil is one of the few products that can be applied to the skin without the risk of clogging of pores, which allows the normal evacuation toxins and oxygen absorption.

Baking soda and olive oil to treat acne scars.

And now that you know the benefits of baking soda and olive oil to treat acne scars, you can already prepare your treatment using these two ingredients.

Apply on the scar a cotton cloth soaked in a tablespoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water mineral. Massage the area gently for a minute, then wash your face.

After exfoliation , apply olive oil in the area and let it penetrate more prufundas layers of your skin to act directly on the scar, while smooth and regenerates the dermis. You should leave the oil for about 20 minutes on your skin, after that time, rinse well.

Repeat this tip about 3 times a week.

Homemade tips to end the internal spines

Homemade tips to end the internal spines
In some cases it is recommended to consult with a dermatologistBut there are home methods that can help you. One of the tips is to make a compress in place of internal spine using cotton andwater hot. The repetition compress should be made ​​until the spine skirt , or disappear. Another important ally for the withdrawal of ainternal spine is the steam. That steam bath , at the time ofbath , can serve to expel the internal spine. If you can not wait bath time, you can boil a container of water until it makes steam and put the smoke of water at the site ofspine . The steam causes the pores to open up, clearing where the spine is housed.
So now you have some tips to avoid hurt your skin and get rid of internal spines. If you suffer with this problem it is time to resort to these simple techniques and end the pain and the discomfort caused by it! Pimples are nasty and need to be cared for, after all, a poorly maintained or poorly spine withdrawal can become even a scar and the problem can worsen.