Thursday, 19 June 2014

Drinks that help you lose weight and improves skin quality

Drinks that help you lose weight and improves skin quality
Today you will meet some very beneficial drinks that help to lose weight and improve skin quality . These drinks are very healthy and super easy to prepare.

Detoxifying juices

These are super easy to make and with elements that we have in the kitchen, the most recommended are citrus juices and fruits that contain high fiber content. The citrus fruits are useful when we want to start a diet and our body needs to eliminate all fat accumulation over the months. The juices are rich in fiber, such as ginger, carrot or apple are good for regulating the metabolism and movement of the digestive tract, and are rich in antioxidants , those that slow the aging of cells, maintaining beautiful skin for longer .

The best thing to do is drink these juices regularly every week to maintain your weight and body healthy .

Vegetable juices

The vegetable juice are needed on the contribution of weight loss but also prevents harmful substances from entering your body, arenatural antioxidants and balance hormone levels in the body, thanks to its wealth of nutrients and phyto thanks this helps reduce the amount of body fat, as well as inflammation and increased blood sugar.

Green tea

This tea is very rich in antioxidantsWhose success is based on suppressing appetite, reducing the ingestion of food, So if you do not want to have such a strict diet or do not have time to exercise, green tea is the best ally because it helps to burn more calories , increase your energy and helps you lose weight faster and According to the Japanese, also works by reducing stress and relaxation.

Pear juice and blueberries

These delicious sweet fruits, snacks are great for after lunch or in the afternoon when your body craves something sweet and rich in calories, you will see that the combination of two fruits can get double benefits as the stimulation of metabolism, intake of vitamins Essential and protein and energy supply and, in particular, pear and blueberry juice is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.


We know if the coffee is consumed in moderation, it helps burn calories, because of its antioxidant power and is also known to increase metabolism, which gives a boost of energy to start the day. It also reduces the risk of developing some form of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


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