Sunday, 15 June 2014

Foods that harm hair growth

Foods that harm hair growth
For a hair long and healthymany feel need to spend a huge amount of money on products and treatments. And believe it or not, many times our diet directly affects the health of our hair, so as to contribute to worsen.There are foods that harm growth . Learn what they are.


For that are most delicious sweet, sugar tends to interfere with the absorption of super protein that is important for hair growth. Vitamin E is also a necessary nutrient for hair.So although you do not have to cut out sugar from scratch, it is advisable that you reduce consumption and opt for other natural options.


Excess salt is not only bad for your health, but Sodium causes the hair to fall. You should limit your intake even more if you have curls, because curly hair tends to fall more than normal.

If you can minimize salt intake, your health will thank you.


Soft drinks are another food that you should avoid if you want your hair to grow. Soft drinks containing large quantities of sugar, sweeteners and chemicals that are not nutrient for hair.

Stop drinking soda and opt for bottled water, the best drink for your beauty and health.


Many women avoid carbohydrates has many calories. But also causes the hair to lose strength and become thinner. Therefore, it is best to consume starchy foods such as pasta, cakes or bread, but on a limited basis.


If you want a healthy and radiant hair is advisable you reduce the consumption of alcohol. Excess alcohol reduces the amount of vitamins, zinc and folic acid in the body. This causes the hair to weaken and slowly grow. Not to mention that your hair will stay with looks unkempt and weak.


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