Sunday, 15 June 2014

Homemade apple cream for skin

Homemade apple cream for skin
The skin undergoes a lot of cities with pollution, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc. ... So when the night comes, you may need some extra care. For this reason, today you will learn how to make a cream whose main ingredient is apple. This cream will nourish your skin, leaving it well cared for.

Benefits of homemade cream

This homemade cream is made ​​with apples, a common fruit that has loads of vitamins A, B and C, beta carotene, malic acid and antioxidants, nutrients that help maintain youthful skin andhealthy .

For example , the malic acid is good for keeping the skin smooth, since it is soft exfoliating properties . In addition, antioxidants apples promote a radiant and rejuvenated prevent their premature aging .In addition, the cream includes olive oil and rosewater, which help improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation. Moreover, olive oil acts as a natural agent and delays aging of the skin due to their antioxidant properties and healthy fats. The rose water is ideal for sensitive skin because it regulates the pH of the skin, lightens scars regenerating the skin .


  • Cornstarch 1
  • Olive oil
  • rose water


Cut the apple in half, remove seeds. Cut the apple into small pieces. Put everything in a processor of foods and add half a cup of olive oil. Leave for 5-7 minutes until a creamy consistency. Heat the cream in a double boiler for a few minutes until soft. Let cool and place half cup of rose water.

How to use

Wipe face and neck with a suitable and dry product. Apply the cream on your face with circular movements. Leave overnight and rinse the next morning with warm water.


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