Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tips to treat acne with borage

Tips to treat acne with borage
Borage is a plant well known for its benefits to the skin , is specifically used to combat acne .
Today we show you arecipe simpleso you can treat acne in your own home, and have as a main component to plant Borage :
To do this treatmentwill need ten chopped borage leaves a sprig of thyme Fresh and 250ml of water boiling.

The first thing to do is put in one cup boiling water and add the chopped borage leaves and the sprig of thyme and stir to release all essential oils. Then you should let this mixture cool in a covered container for at least 15 minutes .
After the pause time use this lotion with the help of a cotton or gauze, rub over the areas that are infected or acne. It is a long process that requires a lot of perseverance, you will not see results immediately, repeatprocedure on a routine basis and in the long term you willcompletely eradicate acne .

You can use this mixture every day to do your cleaning day (seize the pores are open and receptive) or several times a week, at least three, for several months. As mentioned above, perseverance is a key factor in this type of treatment, we guarantee that if you repeat long these applications, you will see positive and permanent changes, and acne no more returns, the results are not immediate, the more slowly you will notice that your skin is getting morehealthy , soft , etc.


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