Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Some women have the shape of the eye that looks like a fallen look. We asked makeup artist tips to Leila Veronesi, Caesar Lemond hall, and Tais Cunha, makeup artist by passion, how can you soften the impression of "droopy eyes". 

  • Caprice eyebrows:

 The shape of the eyebrows is crucial to "get" the look. Therefore, they should be higher, slightly arched at the outer edge.

  • Bet on light shadows

 Try changing the game of lights. The secret is to use clear and illuminating shades (in beige and champagne), below the eyebrow and in the tear duct (corner of the eye). Also pass across the eyelid to highlight.

  • Complement with eyeliner:

 Make a well close to the line above lashes. If you do not have practice, use the eyeliner to get similar effect. At the end of the line, climb the dash toward the eyebrow.

  • Droopy eyes

Key point: For the evening, also opt for light shades. The more you darken your eye, more "closed" it gets. But a darker shade on the outer corner towards the eyebrow, is indicated. Complement esfumando a slightly darker shade on the outer corner of the upper and lower lashes.

  • Beige or white pencil, his ally:

 Use on the waterline also gives the impression of larger and more open eyes. Beige but leaves a more natural effect.

  • Mask all the time:

 A good mask makes all the difference. But, before you apply it, use the eyelash curler. Never use it after mascara because it can break the lashes. The mask "raises" the look of every woman, at any age.

  • False eyelashes

 Use them only in tufts at the outer corner gives a more elongated look to the eyes, also serving to disguise the appearance of "fallen eye."

  • Concealer:

 It gives a more elegant look to the air because it smoothes imperfections such as dark circles.

Stay away from black pencil: It is the number one enemy of those who have "droopy eyes" and small. But if you do not open his hand, use near the root of the lower lashes only the outer corner.


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