Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Errors That Are Bad for Nails

Errors That Are Bad for Nails
The nails  need care beyond the manicure once a week. Although it seems they are fragile to the point of some habits leave them parched, brittle and lifeless. Excessive moisture, for example, reduces the natural hydration, causes inflammation in germ matrix - where the nail is "manufactured" - and favors the growth of fungi.

"Washing clothes or dishes often ungloved can have these effects. Since then typing on the keyboard causes microtrauma. You also need to avoid solvents and toluene-based enamels, "says Solomon Junior Abdo, member of SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology).

Monica Biochi Morikawa, a professor of manicure and pedicure at Senac Santana (SP), indicates specific moisturizers and ointments available in the market as allies for day to day and for the prevention of problems. "The ideal is to massage your nails when moisturizing your hands. Always try to have a product in the bag, applying it daily, three to four times, "he says.

And do not forget: health is fundamental. "A balanced diet  and taking two to three liters of water per day are attitudes that directly reflect the health of nails, "says Monica. 

Natural protection:

 The cuticle serves to prevent the passage of water and harmful substances into the matrix. No is damaged, nails grow more fragile, slough off and lose power growth. "The ideal is just trimming the cuticle," says Abdo.

Salons confidence:

 Stay attentive to hygiene in your manicure. Tools should be disposable or personal use. "Here's how to sterilize instruments and disposables such as sticks and emery boards are changed every client," says Monica.

Not to acetone: Prefer removers without acetone not to dry and tarnish and damage the cuticles.

Needed rest:
Errors That Are Bad for Nails
 "The healthy is to let your nails without nail polish or base, which should not have formaldehyde or derivatives, for at least ten days a month. If not, try at least seven "indicates Abdo.

Power of hydration:

 In the period to let the glaze aside to enjoy nourishing creams with urea and supplement with a silicone sleeve to force penetration.


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