Monday, 20 October 2014


To have beautiful nails , you need to take the cuticles, right? Wrong! This typical habit in Brazil is not synonymous with beauty and can even alter the natural aesthetics of the fingers and pose a health risk. After all, this type of skin that is not there by chance.

"Removing them can be completely compromising, to the extent that they exert an important role in protecting against the penetration of microorganisms and chemicals. The consequences are dystrophies (deformation), stretch marks and detachments, "said Thais Lessa, dermatologist clinic Heil & Lessa.

Do not forget that cuticles removed barely increase the chances of transmission of fungal or bacterial infections, and diseases such as hepatitis B and C. "In Europe and the United States, many women refuse to take them. With proper hydration they soften and can 'push' them to the base of the nail, giving an even more beautiful appearance, "he says.


How do?

Raisa John de Mello, partner-owner and director of trends Cheers Nail Club gives tips that make all the difference. "Remove the glaze one day prior to manicure cuticles and exfoliate with this specific product. It is also critical to moisturize them daily . This care not only leave a more beautiful result as help reduce their growth, "guides. It also indicates the existence of several products on the market that remove excess film, ridding the need to cut them.

Raisa caveat that it is possible to make various types of compositions supermodernas with the push technique. "Half Moon, English girl, ombré (colors and glitter) and geometric designs are very pleasing this year. For the more daring, worth betting on ethnic studs and appliques, balls and beads designs, beyond the nail arts and almond [format rounded or pointed, smaller than the stiletto ], "he explains.

And be sure to antennary with trends winter. "At this time, the colors get darker. In addition to the basic black and burgundy, coffee options, dark gray, shades of green and purple acai will be pulling up. Already ocher, pink, red, blue, green and emerald also deserve attention, "concludes Raisa.


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