Thursday, 11 September 2014

Medicinal herbs for sure you never heard

Medicinal herbs for sure you never heard
Always learn something new and the plants are no exception. TodayYour Skin Healthyshow you some herbs that are sure you have never heard and make a full report on its health benefits.

The chaga mushroom is fungus consistency of a hard and woody, which usually grows on birch trees or other similar features. Despite its appearance somewhat grotesque, has great medicinal properties. 's wound contains antioxidants and is a powerful anti-inflammatory .
According to recent studies, there is evidence that increases the immunity and stimulate the immune system. Currently it is also known to have positive effects in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis. If you want to start using the scourge keep in mind that you can not use it if you take anticoagulants or medicines for diabetes, it can cause counterproductive effects.

Schisandra berries

This native plant of northern Russia and China are also known as Chinese magnolia and has great healing properties. Its red berries bright grow in clusters and have been used since ancient times to relieve disorders of the liver, lungs or kidneys. Experts recognize it as a great food that reduces the harmful effects of stress, normalizes blood sugar and increases libido and sexual desire.

Jerusalem artichoke

Also known as Jerusalem artichoke, but do not have any relationship with this country, is considered an exotic herb from any point of view. It is commonly used as a substitute for starch and is very simple to develop. It is also used as a substitute for sugar and beets and is an excellent food for humans and animals due to their high content of carbohydrates .


Fennel is a very resistant plant growing in places where other plants can not survive because develops perfectly in rocky sea locations. This makes it a plant rich in iodine and minerals. Normally, it is used in preserves with vinegar in salads or as an accompaniment to fish dishes.


These algae are found, usually clinging to the rocks of the shore or sand thebeach . They are used to improve appetite due to their aperitivas properties. Also have large amounts of vitamin B and fiber.


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