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11 uses of lemon in beauty

11 uses of lemon in beauty
Who does not love a good glass of fresh lemonade? If you are the type that loves lemons, you should also know the uses of lemon in beauty .

Bleaches the hair

One of the most popular uses: Lemon juice serves to bleach hair. Just put the juice in your hair and be exposed to the sun for example, do so before going tobeach . This way you get more clear and golden locks than his usual tone.

Nail strengthener

The use of enamel, nail polish remover, gel nails ruin your nails and makes them weak. Mix the lemon juice with a bit of edible oil, especially olive oil and soak your nails in preparation. As if that were not enough, this also allows you to whiten your nails if they are yellow.

Exfoliating Lip

The cold , the wind and weather changes can dry the skin of your lips. If no lip balm is effective, put a little lemon juice before going to sleep. So the next morning, you can easily remove the dead skin.

Eliminates oiliness

If the dry shampoo does not convince you, the lemon juice is a good way to remove the layer of fat that forms on the hair . You can also soak a cotton ball and go through the face like a tonic.

Glow to the skin

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so the juice will allow your skin to give more brightness and clarity. But beware lemons fotossensibilizam skin then you should use sunscreen.

Reduces skin blemishes

As you can see. Lemon can reduce skin blemishes, Either by age or by exposure to the sun by only putting 15 minutes a little lemon juice over them.

Dental Whitening

To get white teeth naturally you only need to mix baking soda with lemon juice. With a cotton swab, place the mixture on your teeth, let it sit for two minutes and then brush your teeth like a "scrub".

Soften elbows and knees

Mix the juice of one lemon, a little salt and olive oil. This way you can create your own homemade exfoliant that you can use to soften elbows and knees.

Whitening Moisturizer

For this natural cosmetic product you need coconut water: just a few drops per cup of lemon juice will be more than enough. Apply on face and body: the lemon will brighten and even out skin tone, while the coconut water will keep it hydrated.

Natural Deodorant

If you've gone on a trip and you forgot deodorant, there is an easy and effective solution: the lemon. The citric acid in this fruit is responsible for killing the bacteria that cause odor, so it is an excellent natural deodorant emergency.

Treatment for acne

Yes lemons are a natural treatment for acne because it is antibacterial. How do I use it? Just cut a lemon in half and spend part of the pulp in the area affected by acne. You will quickly notice that your problem will be solved.


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