Tuesday, 16 September 2014

5 mistakes when caring for your skin

5 mistakes when caring for your skin
At the time ofskin care is likely that you think you're doing everything right and your skin will look spectacular, but this is not always true, as there are certain errors in skin care that almost all committed at some point. If you want to know what, be sure to read this following article.

Do not remove makeup before bed

Remove makeup before bed is the first step that you must fulfill any routine beauty because it is vital to maintain good skin health. If you do not have this habit may run the risk of clogging pores and increase fat deposits on her face turned inevitably to acne and blackheads.

Apply over the amount of product needed

Apply the amount of product than necessary on the skin, can end up aggravating more problems in your skin in the instead of helping, can damage your skin . Normally, it is suggested to use eye creams the size of a grain of rice and the rest apply only equivalent to a pea amount.

Do not apply the product in the correct order

Apply products in different order not only will not giveresult you want, but will not fulfill its purpose. The ideal sequence is first apply the eye cream, serum, and finally moisturizing creams. Also in the case of using sunscreen, it should be applied at the end of the routine of beauty.

Do not let the product work enough

Generally takes between 6 and 12 weeks to start working any kind of product that is placed on the face. You should wait that long to see a difference in your skin before giving up using it. If you do not give enough time, we can not realize its advantages.

Clear more than necessary

Use heavy cleaning products on your skin and give you water baths hot cansignificantly harm your skin . Anyway, you'll start to notice that your skin will look dehydrated.


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