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Tips for the dandruff does not return

Tips for the dandruff does not return
Dandruff is one of the great enemies of any scalp and is a constant struggle and it's also much bother for anyone. It's good to know that nowadays it is possible to get rid of this evil with constancy, patience and the products available on the market.

Why dandruff appears?

There fungi in our body which feed on the sebaceous glands and this may be one reason why dandruff arises.
You feel you have more dandruff at times of stress? Or when you're sad? It is also possible to appear dandruff because of a lack of vitamins or because you wash veryhair , and the weather can also be a trigger.

You see, there are many possible causes of dandruff. If you have had dandruff, you should avoid it again.


To avoid dandruff you should take care both mentally and physically. This prevents stress or anything likely to disturb in your life. You should also keep aBalanced Diet having as protagonists in their diet the protein , zinc, fatty acids, omega 3 and vitamin B.

Avoid harsh products

When washing your hair, you should avoid anything that might be aggressive, for that use shampoos, conditioners and masks with regenerative components.

When washing the hair I advise you not to wash it with warm water too hot best time to dry and you try something cooler so that your scalp has strength and benefit blood circulation.

Remember these tips, because the fungi that produce dander are very sturdy and easily find good conditions for breeding. That's why I advise you to brush your hair properly to avoid their procreation.

Home remedies for dandruff

- Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar . To expect that the vinegar is diluted with water and apply it on your hair. Then let it sit for half an hour and then wash your hair as you usually do.

- Aloe vera is a great ally to combat seborrhea. Take a leaf of aloe vera and remove the pulp, strain the liquid and gelatinous get a massage on your scalp for a few minutes. Then wash your hair as you normally do.


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