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Techniques beauty of the world

Techniques beauty of the world
All have adopted different beauty techniques and often costs us out of what we know and animate to try new things. But learning new ways to care for our bodies and maintain our beauty is super beneficial.
So be sure to know the best techniques of beauty around the world below.


All suffer from Nuisance dark circles under eyes dark, due to tiredness, stress or health problems. A remedy all know are the cucumber slices that have anti-inflammatory properties.
But Spain has a better remedy: potato slices. Apply the slices over the eyes for ten minutes and see how effective this is powerful medicine that can lighten skin and reduce dark circles .


In Australia, women have many good beauty techniques and the best is that they are natural. For example, if you want to eliminate dandruff just have to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil in shampoo daily.
Then you will notice the results of this great tip.


Although there is no product that really succeed to eliminate cellulite , in Brazil, the sand is a great remedy. Women in Brazil use the sand as an exfoliant to remove cellulite and stimulate the skin.

Another technique is Brazilian beauty carrot juice for a natural and fabulous tan.


There is no doubt that women in India know have a hair silky and shiny. One of his secrets is that coconut oil helps strengthen the hair. Heat the coconut oil and massage your scalp once a week to have a shiny and soft hair. Apply before sleeping and wash your hair the next morning.

The food in India also helps keep the hair care and skin. Turmeric is a great spice that you can incorporate into your meals for a silky, skin healthy and with a special glow.


In Italy, women do not need to spend money on products and lip balms. To keep them healthy and shiny they use olive oil, which also helps relieve skin irritation, dryness and sunburn.

Greece also apply this tip.


In France it is customary to soak your nails in lemon juice to remove stains. Lemons contain acidic properties that effectively eliminate stains and help to better remove enamel.

Use a nail polish remover to remove the polish and then soak your hands in lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes to remove the remaining stains.


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