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Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face
There are natural remedies to fight acne as effectively as you can not believe. Acne is a very common problem in adolescents and people with oily skin. Follow the correct treatment and say goodbye to acne permanently.

Honey with Lemon

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face
One of the natural remedies for acne is honey and lemon . Cut a lemon and apply some honey inside this, and massage your face in circular form.
Citric acid causes acne dry, while the honey moisturizes and softens the skin while.

 Take a steam bath

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face

The skin on our face is very delicate and vulnerable, and that is why we must be very careful when taking baths steam. These are recommended forremove toxins from our skin, Plus you can add oils or essences for unlimited water vapor, is relaxing and you get amazing benefits.
This natural remedy works wonders for acne prone skin and it irritates easily.

Make masks with clay

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face
Just like steam, clay draws toxins from your skin, acne clearing and releasing. Themask of clay can be used once a week to maintain a neat and clean skin.

Ice can be a good ally

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face
Ice is the most effective way to temporarily alleviate acne. This means that it reduces the swelling of the nails individually to make it less obvious. You may want to wrap the ice in a plastic bag, but is most effective when applied directly to the affected area, leaving the cold act on your skin.

Mask with cucumber yogurt

Anti-acne remedies for a pretty face
Acne is a result of fat that clog the pores of our skin. Hydration is necessary to clean the toxins and to be easier to have a smooth skin. The cucumbers contain about 95% water and are perfect for maintaining a perfect moisture partners.

Deep cleans pores and helps the extraction of oil from your skin. Active bacteria in yogurt help to exfoliate and nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Overall, it's a powerful combination.


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