Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to soften rough feet

How to soften rough feet
Many people suffer from rough feet. The good news is that it is something they can easily fix. Forget the treatments potentially dangerous to smooth rough feet or expensive and not miss three simple and easy ways to return thesoftness to your feet .


If your problem is just feet dry, then the solution is moisture. Wash your feet before bedtime lotion and apply moisturizer on them. Wear cotton socks and the next day you will notice the change. Keep in consistency to do it every day.


If your feet are very rough, the lotion can not do anything about it, then it is better to opt for exfoliationWhich removes dead skin cells and regenerates skin layers in that area. But you should ensure you find the exfoliant that is specifically for your feet.


If you have calluses you should use tools such as exfoliating. It is more effective and will leave your younger legs. An effective option is the use of pumice in the shower.
Moreover, it is not expensive, lasts long and is really effective. Try doing that when you're in the shower, and you'll get better results when your feet are wet.


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