Sunday, 20 July 2014

Popular beauty habits

Popular beauty habits
We always like to follow certain beauty routines , ranging from the use of daily cream to deep cleaning. If you do not have embedded habits but seeks to improve your skin and your face do not miss these popular beauty habits .


The use of lavender for beauty is a very old trick, and the reality is that lavender helps you relax and sleep soundly. Use bath salts with essential oils of lavender or lavender products that allow you to sleep naturally. Remember that to be beautiful always the key is to sleep well at night.


The exfoliating beauty tips are all know and that allows us to clean your face of oils and impurities. To incorporate this habit is best to always have your hands on a sponge and exfoliating gel. If you do not properly clean your face, no use applying expensive creams. Then, clean your face first.


While there are debates about whether Vaseline helps nourish the skin and keeps it moisturized, a popular habit of beauty is to take vaseline on scholarship . It is ideal to keepyour skin healthy and prevent it from worsening and also helps to moisturize lips.

Trick to fight frizz

A beauty trick is perhaps not as natural wear old shirts to dry the hair and thus eliminate frizz. When you wash your hair do not use a towel to dry.

The trick of the old shirt is ideal to combat frizz, be careful not to rub your hair very strong, because it can damage it.

Body Cream

The body cream is a product mostly used by women. Ideally, instead of using it once a week or when you remember, look into the habit of using it every day to keep the skin firm and hydrated .

Time for you

A habit that we should incorporate into the day is to take time for ourselves. Every day look that is just 20 minutes for you to meditate, listen to music, relax or take a walk. Do something you really enjoy and you will have benefits for your concentration, your nutrition and your appearance.


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