Monday, 19 May 2014



During pregnancy and breastfeeding women need to deal with all the changes of your body. Conceiving a child and nurse him are unique experiences that can be enjoyed even better if she learns to deal with the changes of these periods.


During pregnancy, women perceive the effects of hormonal changes. The most important are relative to estrogen (which increases the elasticity of the uterus) and progesterone (responsible for preparing women for childbirth and breastfeeding), working in a 15 times greater than the normal amount.

Things to do:

1) Eat lots of vegetables, grains and fruits, high-fiber foods that combat constipation.

2) Reduce your intake of sweets, they increase the feeling and make the problem worse lazy bowel.

3) Make soothing massages that help to release substances such as endorphins, responsible for welfare.

4) Having sex to raise levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood.

5) Apply creams based on almond oil on the tummy, hips and legs to prevent stretch marks and cellulite.

What can not miss at home:

Vaseline chamomile and almond oil - Moisturizer that increases skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks, which can compromise the belly and breasts of pregnant women.


This is the time that prolactin, which produces milk, gives the air of grace. Produced with more intensity in early pregnancy, reaches its apex as the child is born.

Things to do:

1) Do not give up under any circumstances, an alternative and effective contraceptive method.

2) Use water-based vaginal during intercourse creams to prevent pain and discomfort.

What can not miss at home:

Lipton - When taken regularly, the tea gives a feeling of vitality and energy, while also moisturizing.

Lifebuoy Cream - Ice cream is a source of calcium, mineral widely consumed by the baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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