Monday, 19 May 2014


Did you know that the more white the color of your skin the greater the tendency to premature aging? The tint also influences problems that arise with too much sun, such as cancer. Below is the classification of different skin tones and how the sun's rays can affect each. Check also the shields are best for each type and take care.

Very clear: always burns, never tans - FPS 30-60

Clara : always burns and sometimes tans - FPS 30-45

Light tan: sometimes burns and always tans - SPF 30

Morena Dark: rarely burns and always tans - FPS 15-30

Race: never burns and always tans - FPS 15-20

Black: never burns and always tans - SPF 15

Block the sun :

Want more allies to protect from sunlight? The following special products for your skin type versions in cream, lotion, gel, spray, aerosol, dry touch.

For the face

1 Minesol Mineral SPF 40, RoC:. Their formula contains filters that block visible light, reducing the risk of melasma. It is resistant to water and sand. Suitable for sensitive skin.
. 2 Anthelios AC, Helioblock Fluide Extreme SPF 40, La Roche Posay: a fast absorbing texture reduces glare. It is suitable for oily skin or acne.


For the body

. 1 Sun Protection Lotion SPF 19 for face and body, Shiseido: with lightweight design and fast absorbing. Protects against UVA / UVB rays.

. 2 Normalize Sunscreen SPF 30, with thermal water, Ada Tina: with lightweight, non-greasy touch. Promises 12 hours of UVA and UVB.

. 3 Anthelios AC SPF 30 Fluide Helioblock, face and body, with thermal water, La Roche Posay has moisturizing effect, light texture, is oil-free and water resistant.

4 Fresh Cooling SPF 45, Neutrogena:. Aerosol format facilitates their application in hard to reach places, such as ears, neck and back, leaving a refreshing feeling.

And to keep your tan all year round, experience the Self Tanning Lotion Dove Summer Tone. It combines ingredients that give color to the skin and prevent yellowing in the body. The product is available in two versions: one for the clear white skin brunette, and one for light to dark skin brunette brunette.


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