Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Natural Tips to Enhance Your Beauty

Natural Tips to Enhance Your Beauty

The women usually spend much money on beauty treatments, expensive creams and products that help you stay in beautiful and radiant. But if you do not have enough to pay for any salon or are looking for a free alternative chemicals money that ishealthy it is best to opt fornatural beauty products .

Scrub with baking soda :

The sodium bicarbonate used for many things, including exfoliation. Exfoliation is essential to keep the face clean and free of impurities. First you must make a paste with equal parts water and baking soda (two tablespoons).

Then apply on the face as a mask before entering the shower, rub the mixture on your face and rinse. Then you will notice the skin soft and clean.

Tonic of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another great natural beauty product. Apply using a cotton swab with vinegar as a tonic beauty after bath.

This will help to deeply cleanse pores and tone the skin. It's perfect for dealing with acne.

Honey Mask for Acne

A honey mask is also a great trick to solve problems with acne and leave your skin glowing. Apply three tablespoons of honey on the face and leave for 30 minutes.

Coconut oil as anti-aging cream

Coconut oil is another great solution to replace aging creams beauty. But it is also good for the hair because it leaves your hair soft and smooth.

Apply coconut oil daily as a lotion and occasionally, her hair hair. It is a product that has multiple benefits and beauty is super natural.

Almond oil for hair

If you want to give your hair a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment, almond oil is a great product that will very little for you and helps rebuild hair and split ends. VoocĂȘ may apply when you find it necessary.


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