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The makeup for women has always been a powerful tool, able to highlight your natural beauty at any stage of life. The arsenal of resources available today perfectly accompanies the passage of time in female faces, respecting the physical changes and providing adequate care to every type of skin .

"The error in time to apply makeup happens when a woman tries to deny the age itself," said Regis Ribeiro, professional makeup artist that works for ten years giving classes and workshops automaquiagem. We also talked with the beauty artist Ricardo dos Anjos, vowed the program "On a Wire", the GNT, and responsible for many fashion editorials. They helped us put together a basic guide on makeup for 20, 30, 40 and 50, with the intention of enhancing the beauty that exists in each of these ages.

Skin preparation

An essential procedure for all women, regardless of age, is to recognize the skin that receive the makeup. First, one should consult a dermatologist to know your skin type: Dry, mixed or oily. Only then the correct items can be purchased - and used! "Dry skin readily accept liquid or creamy products, while mixed and oily have to avoid them, using the oil free (without oil)," advises Regis.

Time to apply makeup, start with a good cleaning of the skin. To do so, use a suitable soap for the face, a tonic and a moisturizer with sunscreen. The next step is the preparation and skin coverage, which assures a more efficient setting of all the elements of makeup and must be performed to make the day and night both. Apply the primer powder mixed and oily or creamy for dry skin - it minimizes pores and helps keep makeup longer.

Then pass the concealer in the region below the eyes to hide dark circles. Then just spread evenly to the previously chosen in your skin tone. The dust cover on the ends of the base tone. The tip Regis to terminate this phase is to take a photo and see if the image is whitish face: if it does, there was in excess of the base application.

If you want to know more about how to start your makeup and preparing the skin, click the image below and watch the video!

Rinse with cold water, moisturize your skin, use primer?  Remove all doubts about starting your makeup

At age 20

"Everything seems to work in perfect condition at this age, since the firmness of the skin (due to the collagen and elastin) to hydration," says Ricardo. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid exaggerations!

How young skin has less features, the base and concealer needs to be passed more smoothly. To this day, the suggestion is a mouth in light pink lip gloss applied with the fingertips and blush watching the skin tone: dark colors should use next wine, orange to brown and light pink for whiter. "At night, the change in the makeup can be done by pencil, mascara and shadow in a tone more intense than the day, illuminating the corners of his eyes," advises Regis. For the two makeup artists, lilac, eggplant, wine and blue are the trends this winter.

To 30 years
When a woman reaches this stage, begins to decrease the production of natural oils, collagen and elastin. With this, the skin becomes drier and the first signs of aging begin to appear.

The dust cover of the skin can be tanned in tones, with the creamy blush a good option to give a flushed look on his face. Regis recalls that the application of blush should be taken with a beveled brush, following the bones of the cheekbone in the vertical direction, and never too rounded.

By day, a good option is to mark the eyes with a slightly smoky brown pencil, and mouth also an earthy tone. At night, the shadow and pencil can be exchanged for black to highlight your eyes, and mouth must earn a tone of dull red. To play safe, choose a region to highlight - or eyes or mouth.

At 40

As a woman approaches menopause, the skin changes become more evident: it becomes drier and loses some of its tone and elasticity. Expression lines are now more apparent, especially around the eyes and mouth. The ideal is to use moisturizers with specific age, which will help in makeup acids. According to Ricardo dos Anjos, these precautions are crucial to the success of a good make.

Women in this age group need to avoid liquid foundations and give preference to creamy, with greater fixation. The completion of production must always be done with translucent powder to take the shine - both day and night. To this day, prefer orange tones of blush, lipstick in beige or nude mask to lengthen the lashes or terracotta and ocher shade, avoiding very bright effects. At night, highlighted the mouth with wine or red lipstick and apply an illuminating eye shadow to rejuvenate the look.

After 50

Due to the drop in hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, the skin is affected as well, and the marks of age are more evident. But that does not mean that the makeup should be used to hide everything, because the result will be artificial. The idea is to mitigate the imperfections. The correction and preparation of the face are procedures that must be done more carefully, avoiding oily bases, which can accumulate in facial cavities, conferring much glow to the skin and noting the marks of expression.

During the day and evening, the lips can be drawn with pencil and filled with lipstick of the same shade. Opaque colors are more appropriate as both the lipstick shade: caramel, beige, chocolate and brown are good choices. Orange blush is without doubt a worthwhile investment. For evening, just intensify chosen for the day, without the use of glitters and not darkening other colors eyes. Always finish with a translucent powder.


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