Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Doing nails is no longer an exclusively female. Many men left their prejudice aside and began to deliver his hands the care of a professional. Whether for hygienic or vanity, it matters little: what matters is personal satisfaction.
According to Marcelo Santos, manicure Glecciano Space Light, prejudice towards men who make the nail is still there, but fortunately, decreased a lot. "Customers bother with calluses, dropping the skins. For them, well treated hand is a matter of hygiene, "he explains.

And anyone looking for this type of treatment? Generally, most modern men who care about beauty and are vain. However, it is noteworthy that they are not alone! "I like many conservative customers too," Marcelo says. For those who feel embarrassed to attend a women's environment, there is now a local created especially for men, with services dedicated to them.

"They just cut, sand and remove the cuticles. Some are basic, but paint, do not want, "says manicurist Rosa Maria, Gilberto Hairdressing salon. She believes that every man should do his hands: "It is a matter of cleanliness. Imagine an executive closing deals with dirty and bitten nails. A horror ". To not become delicate hands, the trick is to take good cuticles and nails cut Curtinhas. "So, staying with a male aspect," says Rose.

The truth is that care do not diminish the appearance of masculinity anyone. If you care about your body, take care of hygiene and beauty, and wants to be beautiful and protected throughout the day, use the line of Dove Men + Care deodorant . With fragrances Clean Comfort and Extra Fresh, they are effective and potent against sweat, but gentle with your skin, preventing irritation.


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