Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The desire to have more and more beautiful hair causes many women to set aside the labels on beauty products and hair stylists own recommendations. Who has not left the hydrating cream longer than the package recommended to "make more effect"? Or decided to buy a shampoo for deep cleaning only to find that "clean most certainly is better"?

Hairdresser Eron Ara├║jo, Studio W Iguatemi hall, helped us demystify these and other habits of beauty. Check!

1. Deep Cleansing Shampoo is better because it cleans more:

This type of product has a very high pH, ​​which serves to open the cuticles enough. If you have dry hair, it will further dry out your wires.

In the case of those who use color or chemical treatment, the shampoo can further decrease the time of fixation of the products.

2. Leave the conditioner and exchange it for a mask moisturizes the hair more:

Hair needs moisture, but not saturating the wire product that will get you nourish it.

"In specific situations in which it works very detonated a wire, you can even recommend that people use the mask every time you wash your hair, but for a certain time until the hair recovers. Leave the conditioner and wear a mask all the time is not a good idea, "says the hairdresser.

The conditioner is a lighter product that mask and therefore moisturizes just right for day to day. The Silk line from Unilever, has conditioners for every hair type, ensuring beauty, luster, strength and health to the wires using elements of nature, such as Guarana Active and Chocolate SOS.

The treatment masks are usually rich in protein that, in excess, makes the hair rigid, motionless. The ideal is to use this type of product once a week and during the time that the package recommends. More than that, only the hairdresser and indicate how you guide.

3. Expensive products are always better:

No way! Several factors may influence the high prices of a product: it is to be a famous brand, to be imported, by having a packaging and a sophisticated fragrance or simply by being aimed at an audience of more purchasing power.

"There are great products in almost all price ranges, and certainly is not what defines quality. The ingredients of the product and technology need to be fit for every type of hair, and the price must be suitable for each type of pocket, "Eron sets.

4. Cut your hair strengthens the thread:

Trim the hair modeling tips, let the most beautiful and neat, but does not strengthen or accelerate growth as they used to say before.

If your hair needs strength, look for fall products and cutting hair just when you think you need!

5. Without chemical dyed hair is healthier:

When done correctly and with proper maintenance, chemicals called as progressive brushes, straightening and discoloration, do not prevent you to have a beautiful and healthy hair - even more than those who have never done any of these cases but it looks bad and uses wrong products. For those who want extra care Seda line treatment creams offers simple, practical solutions, such as Seda SOS Keraforce, ideal for hair that were exposed to any chemical.

6. Wash your hair every day leaves the oilier thread:

On the contrary! Who have oily hair should wash every day if you feel necessary. You just need to take some care, using warm water, shampoo specific to this type of hair and do not rub the scalp too.

7. Use the same shampoo all the time makes hair get used to the product:

Imagine if your skin "get used" to sunscreen and no longer be protected by him. That does not make much sense, does it?

The truth is that the hair will never get used to shampoo. If you started using a product that seemed to be incredible, but then leave the result to please, you're probably using the wrong product.

However, making a relay between products designed for your hair can be a good way to offer different ingredients wires!

8. Good hairdresser is very expensive: 

Another fairly common legend. Every profession has its tops, those professionals who stand out for some reason and saw a reference. These usually charge more. Those who serve in more affluent neighborhoods or have more sophisticated halls also usually charge more, which does not mean they are better for it.

If your salon uses quality products, passes and hits confidence in services, therefore it is a great hall, whatever the cost.

9. Oily hair does not need conditioner:

The function of the conditioner is to treat and untangle the wires. If the hair is oily, it deserves a particular product and a small amount, but is simply abolishing conditioner. A good option is the conditioner Silk Citric Fresh, suitable for oily hair and contributes to the feeling of softness and freshness remain throughout the day.

10. The moon influences the outcome of the court:

Have you ever suspected that this was myth, is not it? There is simply no scientific evidence that the moon influences the outcome of your haircut. If you want the wires become fuller or tamed, the best thing to do is to choose the most appropriate day on your calendar and ask the professional a cut that creates the effect you want.


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