Tuesday, 25 February 2014



There are men who take the gray wire without worry - and even believe that they give a touch of charm to the look. Others, however, feel slaughtered and aged with white hair. For those who are bothered, salons, hairdressers offer various dyeing techniques, which give a natural and unobtrusive effect, rejuvenating them in no time!

According to hair stylist Glecciano Light, Space Glecciano Light, who takes the white wire should be careful to leave them short and well treated, to avoid the appearance of sloppiness. "It is essential to invest in a nice cut, giving a chic and charming look, the style of the actor Richard Gere," he advises. But the hairdresser warned: this alternative works only for those who have young skin, with gentle expression marks. Those who have many facial wrinkles are further maintained when aged whites. And then, the output is dye them.

The good news for those wishing to revamp the look is that currently salons rely on various techniques and products formulated exclusively for the male audience. But before you make your choice, take it easy! One must be careful not to invest in a sudden and radical change. While women love to be noticed by its changes in color of the yarn, men should be more understated, opting to dye them with a color very similar to the original key, for a subtle effect.


Another important factor for the success of male Dye secret is never paint the hair of one color. Merged tones disguise age and give a more natural appearance. "The reflection with rubber cap or foil gives an excellent result" suggests Glecciano. And the hairdresser alert: painting the wires should be gradual. "The ideal is to start with a few strands and slightly increase the amount," he says.

Among the most popular colors, black and brown are successful, while the blonde usually meant a few. However, before you set the dye, it is important to analyze the skin tone and the eyebrow. "If the person is very white, should avoid very dark shades, resulting in an exaggerated contrast and let the artificial appearance. Ideally, in this case, is to opt for medium brown and shades of blonde. Already the brown can stick with the most closed color, smoothly, "says hair stylist.

And you either take the gray or prefer to disguise them? Whatever your choice, remember that maintaining healthy and well treated yarn is vital. To leave them silky, shiny and well hydrated, count on the Clear Products, which has an exclusive line for men!