Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Few things spoil both a visual as dark circles. After all, what good caprichar clothing and hairstyle if spotting insist on staying under the eyes, giving the air of weariness?

The problem can be genetic or caused by stress , sleepless nights, poor circulation, or even by food lacking in nutrients, explains the president of the Sao Paulo unit of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Valcinir Bedin. In general, two factors are involved: blood vessels become evident that insist on the eyelids and a generous production of skin pigments (mainly melanin and hemosiderin). "It is more common in black or Arab people, who have darker skin tone," he says.

The good news is that there is treatment. "You have to fight two causes. Generally laser application to the vessels, and depigmentation cream are indicated, to clear the area," says the expert. After that, remember to use sunscreen every time you leave the house, to prevent new stains.

And the more special cases, where you have a meeting or a party and want to get rid of dark circles? Bet on ice packs, either chamomile, cucumber slices or potato, suggests Bedin. "The cold causes the vessels to close," says the doctor already chamomile has a substance called alpha-bisabolol, which gives a feeling of freshness to the skin, but do not forget that this application has temporary effect.. - lasts on average six hours.

Also has the makeup as your ally, suggests makeup artist Paola Gavazzi, author of the blog Makeup Tricks and owner of Studio Paola Gavazzi. "The best tip is to use a pinkish illuminator in the region soon after the base." The trick is for any skin tone. You can also use the concealer. "He should be applied without excess and only in dark region of dark circles - not at all lower eye area, as many people do," he warns.


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