Friday, 17 January 2014


THE POWER OF MAKEUP BRUSHES IN BEAUTYTo achieve a beautiful and neat makeup , brushes are indispensable items. They can be skinny (like eyeshadow and lips) or large (such as those used in the application of powder) and make all the difference when creating the make.

"The brushes give precision and avoid waste. The result is always good, and the finish is closer to that achieved by a professional, "says Giovanna Morrell, manager of Contents Makeup Contém1g.

The amazing transforming power of these objects is an advantage that you should not give up. With delicate touches on your skin, they reveal a world of colors and help enhance their features, their style and beauty.

Quality and maintenance

Before knowing the types of brushes needed to set your makeup, take note: the constant care with each of them is as important as choosing the right models. To Giovanna, ideally be cleaned immediately after use. Every week or fortnight, also do a wash with mild soap and let them dry naturally in a horizontal position, not to wet the surface.

"Having high-quality models is very worthwhile. In addition to providing superior results, good brushes do not loose bristles and are more pleasant to the touch. And if they are well maintained, they last a long time. It is an investment that brings benefits only "highlights.


The market offers many models with many different functions. But according to Renata Panteleiciuc, teacher travel makeup Senac Largo Thirteen, day by day, you only need a basic kit. "Specific to the application base of concealer, eyeshadow and blush brushes are the most important because they give the visual smoothness and naturalness" he explains.

Next, we made a selection of brushes according to the function of each. Understand how they can help you get even more beautiful and assemble your kit!


There are many different brushes for applying shadows: from very thin and long, which help in accurately, and flat, ideal for depositing the product, rounded up, marking and concave. There are also chamfered to applying eyeliner or wet shade next to the eyelashes.


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