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Every woman has a secret to give a special touch in makeup. And if you want to rock the make, a good shade is crucial: it enhances the look and harmonises the features of the face as well as being a fun way to play with the tones.

"The shade is very important as it creates perspective and play of light on the face. These effects help to complete your look, "says makeup artist Marta Mello. That's why we have provided some valuable tips on the ideal colors, how to choose among many options available and how to properly apply the products you find in stores.


Before, you need to know som

e details of the main types of shade:

  • Compact - ideal for those who do not have much practice in the art of make up. "They have ultrafine particles and micronized texture, which gives a more velvety finish, and not borrarem" says Marta.
  • Loose (or "butterfly wing") - is perfect for inventing perspectives and more detailed and artistic forms. Experiment, create and have fun trying different combinations. But attention: for being very light, it may fall and leave stains around the eyes. So be careful when making make.
  •  Cream -is not well-regarded by experts. For them, despite having a faster application, the product melts easily and tends to accumulate in dobrinha eyelid. "Who likes to blend the shadow, for example, should discard this option," says Marta.

Colors and effects

Now comes the best part: choose the color. This is a nice challenge for even the experts. The makeup artist Danilo Donadeli account that, because of the variety of launches of brands, you can make numerous combinations. So do not get hung up on rules: give free rein to creativity and experience, but without sacrificing good sense.

"If you are with a nicely colored and patterned clothing, for example, invest in more neutral or if the parts themselves inspire the look for the set is discrete tones," he says.

When the idea is to get a modern and stylish look, look harmonize the colors you have with lipstick. Thus, the tones do not "fight" each other. Now if your eyes have a lively tone, use more neutral lipsticks. But if you give will enhance the lips with a different, bright color, get the balance leaving more discreet shade.

Tip : opaque or satin shadows are two other options, ideal for day to day. But if you go to a special
occasion such as a party or an evening event, with shimmering dare, because they further enhance their traits.

The certeiras choices for those who do not want to risk are the palettes of brown, beige and copper, as well as gray and black. Another tip is to always use more than one step, leaving the dark near the eyelid and outer corner of eyes. In the middle, and to the bone of the eyelid, apply midtones. Have the lighter that help open the eyes shall give life to the inner corner.

"This combination is great because it defines your eyes. Who does not want to use three shades can also combine only two to create this effect, "he adds. And so the result can be even more beautiful and natural colors esfume the end, mixing them, especially where they join to remove the markings.

Common Errors

Shadow only on the underside of the eyelid, forming a line over the eye, is a mistake. Run it! "By opening their eyes and you can see that we are rouged. The ideal is to go a little further, for both sides as upward concave scoring well, but without reaching the brow, "suggests makeup artist Marta.

"And avoid doing anything with his fingers," says Danilo. "As they absorb the product, the amount of shade on the eyelid that is ends up being smaller in relation to the use of the brush. Moreover, the touch, you run the risk of taking a bit of what was already applied, "he adds.

How to apply

It is useless to choose the color if it is not properly applied. Therefore, be attentive to differences between the main brushes, as well as the effects they help make.

The most common is the flattened shape, suitable for passing a first layer and mark the concave. If you like tones well defined near the eyelid, prefer the beveled brushes, which have thin and well durinhas bristles, cut diagonally.

As for blending, it is recommended oval type, with more volume and fluffy bristles. A good tip is to lightly moisten the brush in water before applying the shadow: in addition to secure it better, moisture leaves the intense color.

Shadows and brushes

Once you know some secrets of the experts, it's time to see examples of products you find in specialty stores and give you endless possibilities of colors and tones!


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