Friday, 17 January 2014


The cilia are effective weapons of seduction and does not take much to highlight them, right? Know that the combination of products and applicators is the best way to reach the desired result: a killer look!
We talked to makeup artist Marilia Terrone, the Vult, to better understand how true this "Beauty Equation" works:

  • Volume = silicone applicators with many long bristles + bodied mask.
  • Elongation = Curtinhas applicators with well separated and + not so thick bristles product. 
  • Curvature = flexible applicators or those who already have curved (because they help to lift the lashes) + not as consistent formulas.

Professional application

To enhance the look and leave your makeup look professional, pass three layers of mask.According Marilia, most people think that only a mask layer is enough: "But it's there if they cheat! The ideal is to move the product three times on each side, but allow it to dry slightly between applications. "

The tip of our professional who wants to rock the look is to apply the first layer from the root, the second along the lashes and the third only in the tips, to ensure that even the most skinny are covered by the product.

A helping hand from the eyelash curler

Want to have a more prominent look ? So you can not give up the eyelash curler. As the name suggests, it provides an instant curl the lashes.

"Even those who have little or straight lashes, as the Orientals, can take a 'raised' in look," says makeup artist. It teaches that the eyelash curler should be used before applying the mask, therefore, the more resistant and hard on behalf of the product, they run the risk of being cut. Another important recommendation is to keep the rubber accessory always clean and replace it when worn.

Marilia indicates 4 simple steps to use the eyelash curler: 

  1. Place the opening of the object next to the root of the lashes.
  2. Close the curler gently without it take eyelid, then press it firmly and bend your hand up (the two ends of the fingers should join).
  3. If you want a more pronounced curvature, repeat the procedure in the middle of the lashes.
  4. Finally, apply the mask to your liking. If you do not like the results, moisten a cotton swab and wipe the eyelashes, so they will return to the natural way.


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