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 When summer comes, many people immediately think about getting a beautiful bronze. If this is your case, you can make it last as long as possible, with a few simple precautions before, during and after exposing himself.
 "Taking the sun is not forbidden, but to ensure healthy skin for life, we must be cautious, avoid exaggerations and especially respect the allowed times," says dermatologist Samara Silva Kouzak, Hospital Anchieta.

Given the message, let the secrets to having you stay with the color of the season for more days. 

Prepare the body

Start by feeding: invest in a balanced diet , rich in vegetables and fruits orange color (carrot, papaya, acerola, mango and apricot, for example). These foods are champions in beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. In the organism, it becomes vitamin A, assisting in the formation of melanin - responsible for pigmentation of the skin. "Ten days before the club or the beach, it is also interesting to take supplements of this substance", suggests dermatologist Daniela Landim.

Watch out! Do not pass the limits! If you notice that your palms are with a yellowish tint, is a sign that you are ingesting high amounts of beta carotene.

If this happens, do not worry. According to our expert, just stop or decrease the amount of suggested foods or supplement use everything back to normal.

During the tan

What not everyone knows is that sunscreen is a great ally, besides being required . According to Daniela, the continuous application causes the color to be more effective and lasts. "Browning is not Burn, but do like a diet: go gradually," he explains. 

Forget the oil, they "burn" and can cause irreversible damage in the long run instead of helping you to stay with summer color. This is important information because many people think that it is right "esturricar" to the fullest. In such cases, end up as a chili and suffering burns or heat stroke.

Who has whiter skin needs a factor greater protection to prevent redness. The recommended minimum is 30 FPS, and second dra. Samara, must pass the product in advance for at least 15 minutes before exposure, reapplying every two or three hours or after long periods in water.

Back home

To ensure that your tanned skin becomes even brighter, use Dove Essential Nutrition.  With formula containing stearic acid and other nutrients such as glycerol and sunflower seed oil, lotion moisturizes and provides deep nourishment, leaving it soft and smooth.After hours of sun a lot, start to value your tan with a good shower to a cooler temperature. The hot bath will cause your skin to become dehydrated, dry and dull. To prevent this from happening, never bet as in hydration of the body at least twice a day.

Keep your diet rich in beta-carotene and food supplements which also help to make the golden color lasts longer. Drink plenty of water (1.5 l per day, at least) to ensure replenishment of lost fluids. This is key to the revitalization of the dermis and the maintenance of body temperature - conditions essential for you to go to the beach or the club many times without putting their health at risk. 


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