Thursday, 16 January 2014


HAVE A POWERFUL LOOK WITH FALSE EYELASHES"Putting false eyelashes is complicated and they can leave the heavy look." Whether you think that way, so be prepared to find that, in practice, they can be real allies who want to feel overpowering.

"False eyelashes enhance the look and can transform a simple makeup spectacular," says Juliana Barbosa,
makeup artist, hairdresser and a member of Hall 9 +9. Therefore, the Vital Portal was the field and tells you tips, techniques and other secrets of her and other specialists. Check out:

  • Step 1 - The choice

"There are in the market the whole eyelashes, the tuft, to the corner of the eye and the imagination, for more 'theatrical' effects. Particularly, I like the model in clumps because it is more natural, almost imperceptible. Takes a little longer to apply, but the finish is better, "says makeup artist Duda Molinos.

For a more striking effect, choose the integers. They have different types of bristles (cross-filled and spaced, for example), which expands your options in time to apply makeup. Also, think about the ideal base: the silicone is transparent, while the black draws more attention.

If your style is more understated, the fake corner of the eye are sufficient to highlight your make, without overflow. Have the fantasy models do just the opposite: their colors and striking shapes steal the scene.

  • Step 2 - Preparation 

HAVE A POWERFUL LOOK WITH FALSE EYELASHESThe treatment begins with the unpacking. Do this with a rounded tip tweezers and pull them from one end to another - gently, not to fray the wires.

You know what is the right measure at this early time. "Bring the fake eyelashes natural, placing them inside
the eyes and watching until the end," said Juliana.

Full Duda saying that there is no standard for all faces.

"What has to be taken into consideration is the size of the eye. Most often, it is necessary to cut a piece to apply, "he says.

  • Step 3 - Application

HAVE A POWERFUL LOOK WITH FALSE EYELASHESTime to stick. Make a thin line of glue about 5 cm (on a flat surface or on the dorsum of the hand) and pass the unbroken part of the hairs that line slightly.

Stick them above natural with the fingertips or an applicator. Let dry for about three minutes and finish with an eyeliner to camouflage the seam.

Remember that the shadow must be passed before the application so that it will join with the glue (which makes the appearance of thick, heavy seam).

Then do not forget to give a natural finish with mascara - which will unite the natural hairpieces.

  • Step 4 - After Party

Remove is the easy part. You just need to pull the tips of the fingers. If you want to use on other occasions, remove all the glue for better preservation.


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