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Unquestionably hair says a lot of feminine beauty. And the problem is exactly this: if they are dull and lifeless, which will tell you about? Mainly because, when resected, the locks are more prone to breakage and split ends.

These typical characteristics of wires unkempt may occur because of the action of weather, too much sun exposure or effects of chemical treatments, among other reasons. But do not worry: the hairdresser Paul Avila, the lab.dudamolinos hall, explains the origins of these problems and gives tips on what to do to avoid them and minimize them.

As you can see that the hair is dry? What are the key features?

Overall, the ends are more porous, double and lose pigment, making it embarrasses. This takes softness, shine and softness.

What are the main causes?

SPECIAL ATTENTION TO DRY HAIRThere are many reasons, such as lack of hygiene of the scalp, the misuse of antirresíduo products, traces of common shampoo after washing, exposure to the sun without adequate protection and lack of vitamins. In the lounge, permanent, relaxations and discolorations complete the list of risk. And at home, as exaggeration customs dryer or straightener dry out even more. The genetic characteristics must also be taken into
consideration: thick and curly wires normally exhibit the problem because of the difficulty of the natural oils throughout the hair go.

In what way and how many days in dry hair should be washed?

Once every two days is the ideal time to give your scalp dry. Use your fingers to massage the head and move your palm, from roots to tips, help.

What should be avoided?
Mainly excess products on a daily basis. This makes contact with the sun and wind burn wires.

Are there connections between climate and dryness?
SPECIAL ATTENTION TO DRY HAIRYes, especially when the day is more humid. The water concentration in the atmosphere is directly reflected in hydration. The higher the humidity, the greater will be the hair.

Which products are best suited to tackle the problem?
Because there are many options on the market, it is best to talk to a dermatologist and hair salon and see which one is more appropriate. Hair conditioners, masks and leave-in treatment (comb cream) can be quite

And what is the optimal frequency to treat?
  • When heavily damaged, advise applying one of these products once a week. As you improve, you can take a break for hydration in the right amount . However, I repeat that it is necessary to talk to a doctor and hairdresser.

It is true that argan oil helps to give a better look?
Yes, but only if applied in the right measure. One should be very careful with the dosage, as the cause excess oiliness.


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