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Have you heard of thermal water? Probably not because it is not widespread in Brazil, despite the benefits it provides to the skin and health. Therefore, we consulted experts in search of information to unveil their secrets. Check out:

Origins and differences :

As the liquid we drink to quench thirst, the hot water is drawn from a source. But the similarities end there. Its natural temperature varies between 36 ° C and 50 ° C and it is rich in sulfur, calcium and magnesium, among other substances with soothing and moisturizing properties. 
Because it is sterile and harmless, poses no hazard to human body, including contact with eyes, mucous membranes and intimate regions. Can also be used frequently without any restriction: just apply it over the desired area, let dry - so there is absorption - and presto!

Protect and hydrate :

THE POWER OF THERMAL WATERThe thermal water is ideal to refresh and hydrate the entire body - especially the face, neck and neck, the most exposed areas. Can also be used to relieve the burning sensation caused by waxing or by overexposure to the sun. "Its use is recommended even in cases of diaper rash in infants," says Mussa Helua Gazi, dermatologist and director of Clinical Belle Santé.
The replacement of cosmetics, such as traditional moisturizers, is a differential longer. Its effects are similar to the primer, since it corrects minor imperfections, tightens pores and reduces oiliness, creating conditions for a good makeup. When finished, spray the product again for a more efficient and long-lasting hold.

Treatment of diseases :

Marcia Grieco, dermatologist Edmund Vasconselos Hospital Complex, also underscores the complementary function to medical treatments - without replacing prescription drugs. One of the most evocative powers, for example, is to help the fight against skin problems such as rashes and allergies , mainly because of the substances found in their chemical composition.
THE POWER OF THERMAL WATERBut others use it as an accelerator in healing and relieve any irritation caused by clinical interventions such as laser procedures. In these cases, your doctor may prescribe a variant complemented with more elements, like silicon and lithium, which assist in the care of dry skin, atopic dermatitis (chronic disease that causes rashes and itching), psoriasis (chronic disease that causes red lesions and scaly) and contact dermatitis (allergic or inflammatory reactions).
There are still carbon variants (indicated for control of gastritis), carbogasosa (diuretic capacity, ideal for kidney problems) and ferruginous (applied in the treatment of anemia). But be attentive to warning Helua: these options can not be consumed freely, for monitoring and prescription of a specialist is needed.


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