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The moon bath is a great method for anyone who wants to disguise the hair, but not to endure the pain of waxing or the aggressiveness of the blades. The discoloration is economical, painless and gives to do at home while their other activities.

At the same time, is a chemical procedure and may end up causing allergies, rashes and irritations. "Always remember that beneath the skin is!" Says the beautician Suely Santos D'Alessandro.

So do not think that is only preparing a mixture containing hydrogen peroxide and bleach product. To the moon bath goes well, you should protect the body before the dye and then moisturize it.

Another point you need to keep in mind is a disadvantage of the technique: while waxing thins and decreases by the discoloration thickens. Therefore, the most appropriate is to clear areas of little down as belly, arms or thighs.

The following is the step by step to the moon bath home without risks:

1. Cleaning and skin protection

Your body must be clean to receive the chemical, so the most effective is to take a bath before you start.

Then do an exfoliation on the skin to remove all dead cells. To activate your circulation gradually, ideally spend exfoliating doing anti-clockwise movements.

Suely D'Alessandro teaches a homebody who does not want to spend a lot on prescription creams. Add mineral water in two tablespoons corn flour and sugar until the mixture achieves the consistency of a porridge, neither liquid nor solid.

It must also be waterproof to prevent that annoying itch caused by bleaching powder. To this end, the body apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or almond oil.

2. Discoloration

Ahead, take the test to see if you have any allergies to products that will be used. Simply apply the cream in a small area of ​​your body and wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction.
Discolor the

The mixture for whitening consists of 30 volumes of hydrogen peroxide and a packet of bleach powder brand you prefer, teaches Suely.
Warning: never let the product come into contact with aluminum, since this substance reacts with hydrogen peroxide. Do not think about, for example, use a kitchen spoon to stir the ingredients.

TAKE A MOON BATHThe application of the cream can be made with a brush those used for dyeing hair. "Do not rub too much, because your skin is already sensitized because of exfoliation," says Suely.

If you want to use your hands, be sure to place a surgical luvinha.

The chemical must act for 20 minutes, and the best way to remove it is taking another bath.

3. Protecting your body

Exfoliate the skin again to completely take away any powder residue. Finally, pass a moisturizer all over.

The whole procedure lasts about 40 minutes.

Bath lounge moon

Many salons and cosmetic clinics also perform the method using the same steps described above.

The difference is that, often, the service is combined with relaxation techniques. It is common, for example, end the process with a massage all over the body. Want something better?

The bathroom professional moon lasts 1hr at 1:30 am and costs about 100 dollars.

Vaseline moisturizerCare to discolor by

- Do not let the chemical enter into contact with wounds or irritated areas. Furthermore, it is possible that it changes the color of your tattoo. - The products are abrasive;. then do not bother to discolor mucous regions, such as fluff or the private parts - Caution when opening the packet of bleach powder. If you inhale it, it can cause irritation in your nose. - Pregnant women are prohibited from making the moon bath. During pregnancy, the woman is more sensitive and can have allergic reactions to components that were previously accustomed. - Children should not also discolor the hair. "The skin is very young; wait at least until puberty to contact with chemical," says Suely. - Be careful when clearing the region of the face, because the product can not come into contact with the mouth, nose, eyes and hair. Who has the clear or sensitive skin should avoid the procedure in this region. - It is common to the application of bleaching powder and go to the pool, but it attacks the skin twice: with the chemical and the sun's rays.


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