Monday, 20 January 2014


Want to invest in cutting fashion, but is not sure what's best for you? "Today, a beautiful visual must have frayed edges, but without exaggeration. Disconnected and discrete peaked give a modern touch and help distribute the weight of the wires, especially if they are thick and bulky. In relation to the length, anything goes! From long to short, there are fantastic options for all tastes, "says hairdresser James Parente, the Fashion Hall Clinic. Know the key trends this season and bet on a chic look over there!

Find Your Style
Fashion is investing in uneven edges and geometric cuts that ooze charm! The technique gained prominence mainly in the plain wire, but can also be applied to curly and wavy, and the result is equally beautiful. "If the idea is gaining sophistication, bet in the short or medium. With a flawless finish, always draw attention. The low cut neck with well crafted is sleek and sexy, "says the hairdresser. But who does not want to radicalize and prefers medium length also has beautiful options. "The chanel classic never goes out of fashion and is chiquérrimo. Another trendy style, and current is the long bob (longer chanel.'s details that give personality are related to the fringes and the finish, which can be shredded or straighter. Already long as those of Angelina Jolie, still popular, but the hairdresser warning:... ideally never exceeds the mid back and trim every 3 months to prevent split ends "The long charming must have motion So, if you have very smooth and slightly bulky yarn, adopt layered cut or peal the side, forming a frame for the face, "explains James.

Hit the choice
"Generally, long hair is suitable for women up to 40 years, but it all depends on your style. The short is an interesting option for those who like to dare and have outstanding personality - at any age. The average length is a wildcard, for all is well. The difference is due to the shredded and the type of fringe. This same length can have a sober look, ideal for a middle-aged, or well offline, for younger and more relaxed modern look ", says the expert .

Beautiful everyday
According to James, "For a charming look, and choose a cut that respects the movement of the wires, it is essential to invest in constant care." Want always be flawless? So, bet on line Keratinology by Seda, who has advanced formulations for hair treatment, specially developed to prolong the beauty of the treated hair salons. The products contain pico-nutrients and keratin, which penetrate deep into the fiber to nourish it and rebuild it. Thus, you will be elegant and beautiful every day!


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