Monday, 20 January 2014


Eyes small, very thin lips, broad nose ... If you are dissatisfied with these or other details, get ready. Now, you will learn how a few strokes of makeup balance their traits, highlighting the beautiful details and disguising small defeitinhos.

Before beginning, an important warning: "For the outcome looks good, no exaggeration! Apply cosmetics only to the extent necessary not to risk leaving the artificial and aged look, "says makeup artist Raphaella Bahia Clinic Longevit√°.

Disguise blemishes and scars
Apply a pink concealer and then use a base in skin tone in creamy texture that adheres better to the dermis. Finish with powder compact.

Tune your nose
"Make a line down the center of the nose, using concealer or foundation in a shade lighter than your skin. Then darken the sides with a compact powder blush or two darker than your skin tone. Finally, with a soft brush, use a circular motion to blur and match the color, "teaches the makeup artist.

Conquer the lips of your dreams
- More chubby
Use a light colored lipstick, and then apply a little gloss in the center of the lips. "Another solution is to move the pencil around the mouth in order to extrapolate (without exaggeration) the natural shape to give the impression that the mouth is bigger," explains Raphaella.

- Thinner
Use concealer around the lip line to erase it. Then apply lipstick. "Give preference to dark colors like wine and brown. Also, use lipstick and pencil the same shade for a natural result, "advises makeup artist.


Balance your look

- To enlarge the eyes
"Apply black or brown pencil at the bottom of the eyes and close to the eyelashes on the outside," says the makeup artist. Have inside pass white pencil, which opens the eye. Then, outline the upper eyelashes with shades of black or brown and Blur the upper eyelid with brown shade. Finally, curl your lashes with black mask, both at the top or the bottom.

- To decrease the eyes
Use pencil or shadow to contour the inner line of the upper and lower lashes. And capriche in smoky makeup on darker shades at the base of the upper eyelashes.

- To separate the eye
pencil or shadow pass over the internal lines of lashes from the center to the outer corners - both on the upper eyelid as the bottom. Accentuate the union of the upper and lower lashes by applying a dark shadow. Also use light colors to shade the inside of the eye near the nose, and darker shades in the tips, giving a puxadinha's style "kitten".

- To close the eyes
"brown or black pencil pass close to the upper and lower lashes - but only in, closest to the nose inside. Then Blur with shade for a natural effect, "Raphaella account.


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