Monday, 20 January 2014


Wellness is a fragrant delight. And to be recognized by the scent we use, is even better. However, to overdo it, the scent may bother - a lot! Therefore, it is important to use common sense and follow some rules, so as to choose the fragrance time of the application. Check!

Select carefully

"At night, opt for dense aromas with notes of woods, flowers or nobles 'foodies' like chocolate and vanilla. During the day, use the soft and smooth colonies, based on lavender, rosemary, orange, bergamot and lemon, "suggested Renata Ashcar, perfume expert and author of BrasilessĂȘncia: the culture of perfume.

The weather is another factor that must be considered when choosing your fragrance. "In the heat, the light scents, such as floral, fruity, lavenders, citrus and even unisex go well. Have the cold allows the use of more full-bodied and warm, woody and oriental as "advises Renata.

No errors in the application

- "Give sprayed at points of high vascularity, such as the neck, behind the ears and on the wrists. If you prefer, put some on the palms and spread rapidly through the body, "Renata teaches.

- Do not apply to clothing: the odor of fabric blends the fragrance, changing the result - plus there is the risk of staining the piece.

- Run away from strong scents, which may bother other people and even cause headache and nausea.

- At the gym, avoid sweets. Opt for lavenders or the fresh and citrus.

- "Do not mix with the perfume deodorants, creams or lotions with different smell," says Renata.

- In the job interview, or bet on soft florals in citrus.

- Avoid perfume to hit the beach or pool. In contact with sunlight, the product can stain skin.

- Keep container away from light, moisture and heat. No contact with air, ie, sealed, can last for years. Once opened, however, starts a process of deterioration.


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