Monday, 20 January 2014


What woman does not put on lipstick before leaving the house? Learn the habit is working perfectly aesthetically, but does not guarantee a healthy mouth. As well as skin and hair, the lips need hydration to become more attractive.

A dermatologist Solange Pistori Teixeira, Paulista School of Medicine, explains that the lips should be moisturized throughout the year. That's because they tend to get dry in the summer, especially by exposure to sun and wind. In the winter, the villains are the dry climate, cold and wind.

"In addition, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, habit of moistening his lips with saliva, mouth breathers, more acidic or salty foods, and even some lipsticks can cause dryness," says Solange.

The expert also points out that allergies and irritations to toothpastes and whitening products leave the driest lips. So it must be handled with care. However, taking care of hydration is not merely a cosmetic concern. This causes effects on oral health as a whole. People already suffering with lip dryness are also subject to irritations and allergies such as dermatitis - direct contact with substances that cause allergy - causing inflamed skin, and are at higher risk for developing infections, such as pyoderma - bacterial infection - and herpes - viral disease that mainly affects the mouth.

The lip balm is a product for local use, whose function is to keep stable the amount of water and fat in healthy skin. The use of this product associated with a sunscreen (SPF 15) protects the skin of the lips from sun rays and hence inflammation, dryness and sunburn.

Solange also emphasizes that the lip balms have agents that prevent water loss. It is the case of mineral oils, lipids, shea butter, ceramides and active hydration products.

Seek a dermatologist to find out what the ideal medicine for your case. And do not forget: to ease the dryness of the lips, use lipsticks with moisturizing function and sunscreen before leaving home.


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