Monday, 20 January 2014


Ever wondered talk without using your hands to express yourself? Difficult task for a woman! And because they are used in virtually all times, they tend to draw a lot of attention. Rightfully so, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging are quickly perceived. For these glitches do not project more than their gestures, take a few minutes of your day to moisturize your hands and protect them from the effects of weather, dirt and bacteria.

"A key habit is to apply moisturizer every time you wash your hands," advises dermatologist Daniela Hueb, Bauru (SP). According to the doctor, it prevents dryness and creates a protective barrier, forming a delicate film that provides softness and smoothness to even the driest skin.

Exfoliation once a week to remove dead cells is also very important as it provides service over the cutis. And when dealing with cleaning products such as detergent, washing powder and bleach, refer to gloves.

Another great ally is the sunscreen. "It is essential not to show age spots and wrinkles. Use the day to day sun protection factor of 30 and, on the beach, 60 ", explains Daniela.

And do not let the nails aside: they need to be handled well. Biting them, no way! "To not get dried out, let the glaze without at least one night a week," suggests the dermatologist. To avoid germs, clean them and take care of the cuticle. "The cuticle is a protective layer against the entry of microorganisms, so it is suitable to remove only the excess and push the remainder with a spatula. And take your own objects to the manicure. This prevents fungal infections, allergies and disease transmission, "warns Daniela.


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