Monday, 20 January 2014


The feet are the foundation for sustaining our body, and not treat them well is risking the health of your entire body. But if you, like most people, leaves her abandoned and neglected within the everyday shoes feet, need not feel so guilty. With a little time and inclination, you can take some precautions to relax them and break, improve their welfare.

First, attention to the shoes. When you buy them, always choose late afternoon when your feet are most swollen - so you do not run the risk of them then tighten. Favors models with flexible soles, soft material, wide spout and low heel. Replace them regularly and avoid wearing the same shoes for two days in a row. Who gets much time standing or walking a lot, you should change your shoes every six months, which is the approximate duration of cushioning.

With the right shoe, the compressions and pains in your feet will be very small. Still, nothing compares to a good massage. When done well, the practice can relieve tension throughout the body, induce a deep level of relaxation, improve muscle pain, boost the immune system and prevent cramps. Ideally someone else do the massage on you. However, by following the tips below, the American medical specialist in foot and ankle, Dr. Michael J. King, you can take care of your feet at home, without major complications:

* Take your shoes off and stretch your legs, feeling the muscles extend to the legs.

* Press all outer sides of the feet.

* Give light taps on the soles using the backs of the hands.

* Twist the foot in various directions, making circular motions clockwise and then counterclockwise.

* At the time of massaging the soles pressing points with hands, choose a cream with menthol, which leaves a cooling sensation on the skin.

* An option for those who suffer from arthritis or not to use your hands is sliding your feet on top of a rolling pin or a tennis ball.

* If you want to make a foot, place (never hot) water and marbles in a bowl and leave to soak your feet, the soles pressing against the balls.

* Walked too? Stayed long standing? Write a massage and then sleep with your feet slightly elevated upon a pillow.

* Lastly, whenever you can, walk with their feet on the ground, in sand or grass.


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