Thursday, 18 December 2014


There are several ways, with small actions and gestures, you feel younger. Tapping the look , change the makeup, change the haircut and health care are just a few examples.

The Portal Vital was looking for experts to know the "what" and "how to". See the practical tips Alexandra Lemos, pharmaceutical of Galena, Renata Vieira Volpe, Titta Aguiar and Roberta Carlucci, all stylists , and Cristhofer Gloe, hairdresser.

The best for your skin: more than moisturize and protect the body from the sun, you need to know what you actually are using it for. Read the cosmetics packaging information and other products. Learn about the components is important to choose the best options for your body.

Healthy nails: 

time passes more "slowly" in this case when you use products with some specific assets, such as tiolisina (strengthening) and the efaderma (nutrition).

Multifunction technique:

 the peeling standardizes, clear, improves texture and decreases expression lines of the skin.

Protect yourself:

 use bases with shield, and sunscreens to boost skin care. Over the years, it makes all the difference! ;)

Diversify the wardrobe:

 conservative parts tend to leave you with a more serious air and may you "age" as straight tailored pants, jackets of tweed and spencers , double-breasted blazers and very traditional shirts.

Be yourself

 cheerfulness has much more to do with your attitude and your mood. That is, with its real beauty. It is no coincidence that many women are beautiful on the day, at any time, not just when they wear makeup, designer clothes or expensive accessories.

Forget the body's dictatorship:

 if you propagandeia your appearance, just calling people's attention just for her. Over the years, people get used to think more in his image than who you are.

His brilliance: the misuse of colors you can "give" a few years more. Prefer lighter and brighter because they tend to rejuvenate.

Accessories released: 

they are great to give the personal touch on the look. If you want to brighten the face, for example, invest in shining earrings or necklaces.

Hair "young":

 the best to rejuvenate the wires is to maintain a sequence of treatment including cauterization monthly and weekly hydration with specific products for you. Use a vegetable oil helps protect from sunlight, pollution and hot water.

Make ideal:

 the ideal and most current makeup are "natural", with some touches of brightness for night and a balance in relation to the highlights of the face, such as "smoky eyes, mouth nothing" or "all mouth, eyes nothing." So the idea that the older woman needs more makeup to disguise the age can make matters worse.


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