Thursday, 18 December 2014


The lipstick has the power to change any look. And we are not talking only of the red , because the wines, grapes and roses are also a success. The problem is that the dark tones usually last less on the lips - who never needed to go to the bathroom all the time to retouch cast the first stone!

The makeup artist Pierre Carvalho, Mani Capelli, teaches a step by step to time be your ally. "Although there are long-term products on the market, all wear throughout the day. But some tips help extend the grip of color, "he says.

According to Pierre, it is best to opt for a matte (the one that is more sequinho) dull. "Just hydrate well before not to 'crease' or show any loose pelinhas."

When choosing the color  right for you, keep in mind that dark-skinned people should give preference wine tones or brown. Light skin already can use orange or red. "When the mouth is dark, the eyes should be clearer and vice versa," adds Pierre.


Outline the lips with a pencil the same color as the lipstick.

Spend a brush lipstick to gradually fill in the lips with color.

Apply a light layer of loose powder to increase durability.

Review the lipstick to enhance the color.


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