Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What is acne and how to treat it

What is acne and how to treat it
In this post we summarize how acne arisesAnd how it can affect our self-esteem, it can be avoided with tips simple
Acne commonly appears on the face and shoulders, but may also occur on the trunk, arms,legs and buttocks, where the presence of some of these factors aid in the appearance of acne.
- Carnations
- encrustation of skin rashes
- Cysts
- Pustules (small red bumps)
- Redness around the skin eruptions
- Scars
- Pimples

Seeking medical help

Consult a physician or dermatologist if:

- The care home remedies for acne and counter medications do not help after several months
- The acne is severe (for example, if you submit a lot of redness around the pimples or you have cysts)
- Your acne worse
- You develop scars as acne diminishes.


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