Thursday, 14 August 2014

Uses of salt in beauty

Uses of salt in beauty
Natural salts are very beneficial to our healthAnd in the case of beauty may have different uses cosmetics that improve our health, that make us feel more beautiful and also have intrinsic properties which we can take great advantages. Today we present youThe principal uses of salt in beauty .

Salts as exfoliants

There are many recipes that we present in Your Skin Healthy natural exfoliating wherein the salt is the basis of the basic preparation. Besides the fact that enable mingle with dozens of other ingredients, salt has cleansing properties and that's why he was so well known in the beauty world.

Bath Salts

Salts bath or preparations to make bath salts at home are one of the most sought after. However, they all have to leave our propertyskin more hydrated , smoother and nourished. Moreover, in most cases combine calming or stimulating properties in ritual full bath.

Hair Removal

The natural salts like salt we consume, possess ideal mineral components to prepare our skin for processes such as waxing . Mix this with olive oil or coconut and apply on legs before the process will help you keep them softer.


Many salts are the main active ingredients of some deodorants because its mineral composition make perspiration has less aroma and help eliminate problemsexcessive sweating .


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