Monday, 11 August 2014

How to make a homemade nail polish remover

How to make a homemade nail polish remover
You're at home on a Sunday night, and you want to change the color of your nails and you notice that your nail polish remover over, you've been traveling , your manicure was a complete disaster, you forgot to put it in his bag, has been there ever?
Before any of these situations, we will tell you that you need not worry because we will give you some simple ways you can do for yourself practical one homemade nail polish remover .


Use um perfumeold, you do not use for other things. Moisten a cotton ball with perfume. You can sprinkle or immerse yourself in perfume. Rub the cotton ball soaked in the perfume on the enamel of your nails. The glaze will come out easily. Repeat this until your nails are completely clean.

'Coat' the transparent nail enamel

Find a glaze to cover your nails. Apply a layer of enamel on your nails already painted. Use a cotton swab to clean.

Aerosol deodorant

Find a deodorant aerosol.The deodorant is a great cleanser, removes from nail polish to stains pencil. Powder spray deodorant in its closest to the nails. Make sure that will not burn, works best.

With a napkin or handkerchief scrub your fingernails. The enamel will not be removed immediately until your nails are clean. Repeat if necessary.

Gently rub the edges of your nails. In this place, the enamel does not come out the first time we clean.

Colony aerosol to the body

If you have no deodorant, cologne or perfume look for an aerosol to the body. All these things have similar properties and function the same way.

Spray a cotton ball or a cotton tip. (For more colony press the tip of the small circle sprinkler).

Rub the cotton up and down on your nails until they start to disappear. May have to repeat it a few times to completely exit.

Fasteners hair

If you do not have in any of their previous types of aerosol hands to remove the enamel, you can find a fixer hair that has the same components. Repeat the above steps (either 2 cases). Do not let the fixative for too long it will dry out your nails.


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