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The best advice for skin care

The best advice for skin care
Skin care is important: it allows us to have a radiant, beautiful skin and healthy. It's not just a question of beauty , but also to protect us from certain diseases, the best known, theskin cancer , so we want to give you the best tips for skin care throughout the year easily. Are you ready for a spectacular skin?

Simple Tips for skin care

We never tire of repeating, the key is hydration. Drink water and hydrate your skin after bathing. If you choose a moisturizer natural choice honey.

Also do not forget to wear sunscreen make cold or heat, even when the weather is cloudy. This not only takes care of the skin, but also allows that appear wrinkles, blemishes and scars.
Exfoliate the skin for a period to remove dead skin cells. This will give a thin thinner and smoother appearance to the skin keeping it clean in depth.

What to eat for beautiful skin?

First of all, you need to have a balanced diet , which includes the antioxidants as green leafy vegetables. This will allow aging and skin imperfections.

Consumption of foods with omega-3 -Fish, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and tea also help to keep the skin in good condition, reducing sun damage and giving a natural glow to the skin.

Avocados are great for the skin because they contain vitamins C and E which keeps skin hydrated, skin shiny and without losing its elasticity. Are also good tomatoes and carrots, which protect against free radical damage.

If you can not take all the water needed to keep the skin hydrated, try to merge a little coconut water.

Other tips

- Avoid products that other types eg for the hair to come in contact with skin and can damage it.
- Get enough sleep.
- Use sunglasses.
- Try to reduce stress.
- Stop smoking.
- Practice exercises.
- Do not squeeze pimples and blackheads.
- Clean brushes makeup often.
- Remove your makeup before going to sleep.


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