Friday, 8 August 2014

Benefits of Vitamin C for Beauty

Benefits of Vitamin C for Beauty
Vitamin C is an ingredient in many beauty products. This is because this nutrient is responsible for the creation and maintenance of skin collagen, as well as being an antioxidant that strengthens blood vessels and gives skin strength and elasticity.Meet some of the many benefits of vitamin C for the beauty below.

Makes you look rejuvenated

In the diet, vitamin C plays a vital role in the absorption of iron. Iron contributes forthe overall wellness of body and beauty. When iron stores are depleted the body can develop certain diseases such as anemia, fatigue and weakness. Vitamin C helps maintain your body with energy and strength.

Leaves hair healthy

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients most effective for the growth and strengthening ofhair. You can opt for products that contain this ingredient or opt for a natural treatment.
Is a great potato (partially cooked), half cup of currants, strawberries three and a half small red bell pepper until a creamy paste. Then put on your hair and scalp. Leave the mask 15 will operate between 25 minutes and then rinse.

Promotes nail growth

Vitamin C also helps in the growth and strengthening of nails. Eating vitamin C is the best way to ensure nails healthy and beautiful. Why fruits citrus can not be missing in your diet.

Delays the signs of aging

Due to its high content of antioxidants, vitamin C helps slow the signs of aging allowing the appearance of skin elastic, smooth, rejuvenated and attractive. Therefore, the consumption of vegetables and fruit with this nutrient is essential if you want to have a young looking and looking beautiful .


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