Tuesday, 19 August 2014

6 dangers of creams for skin whitening

6 dangers of creams for skin whitening
Some people have the desire to have whiter skin or remove blemishes that result from long exposure to the sun and thus end up using bleaching creams. On the other hand, many experts are trying to raise awareness about the use of these productsStating that they are not as healthy for the skin.
This is due to the side effects that have whitening creams for skin, Its consequences can be detrimental to health . Continue reading aboutthe dangers of whitening creams for the skin .


Itching is one of the dangerous effects the most common use of bleaching creams. When this happens, occurs soon after application of the cream; therefore, we recommend washing in cold water to prevent skin irritation.


Many people are allergic to the chemicals used in bleaching creams. Besides that it can irritate the valley and eventually cause redness and swelling in extreme cases. If you are allergic to any type of chemical product, read the product label and make sure before you buy .

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of extremes for abuse in the use of bleaching creams. Although it seems exaggerated, it is a possibility, since some of the chemicals that are produced are carcinogenic. Examples include mercury, hydroquinone or steroids.

Pele Seca

A whitening cream for the skin will give you the desired effect. Before buying the product, check what your skin type and find one that best suits you.


Another side effect is the appearance of pimples. In cases of oily skin, there is a possibility that the skin pores will close, forming pimples. The worst are not pimples, but the marks and scars.


The use of some bleaching creams can cause your skin to become sensitive to sunlight, which will result in burns, blisters and pigmentation. Abusing these creams can endanger your skin.


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