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10 reasons why you have acne

10 reasons why you have acne
How often have you wondered why you have acne? Uses thousand and one products against acne, and at the end they keep popping up. Maybe you're doing something wrong, or maybe the reason you have acne which has nothing to do with the drugs you use.
Here is a list of 10 reasons why you have acne , so that you discover the true cause and find your solution!

Your makeup brushes are not clean

The brushes makeup can be a haven for bacteria if you do not clean them regularly. And, as might be expected, these bacteria and dirt are transmitted to the face, blocking pores, which over time will cause acne.

It's in the genes

If your father or mother and siblings have acne, I'm sorry you communicate that you will also suffer or will suffer due to genetic predisposition that can lead to the appearance of acne on the face.

This in those days

During the period of menstruation, hormones called androgens stimulate others the sebaceous glands of the skin . When it is realized by being acne period in which they begin to appear along the jaw line. Some women decide that taking birth control pills, after a visit to the gynecologist.

You have allergies

Especially those with sensitive skin often have allergies to detergent laundry . In these cases, change your habitual with one that is unscented soap.

The weather

Climate change may affect the skin, to the point of producing acne. Seasonal changes can cause skin lesions, as could be the case of a recent change or a period of vacation . A quick visit to the dermatologist will help you solve this issue a bit.

Sleep deprivation

Not enough sleep, stress causes damage to the body, altering the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So try to sleep at least eight hours, even if that means wearing a mask or earplugs.


Something similar to the previous case, but you're still awake. The permanent state of nerves can also cause acne. Stress is terrible for your body, including the skin, due to increased cortisol. You can not avoid stress state on many occasions, but with a little meditation, relaxation or any other activity that calms the body makes you get one skin beautiful and undoubtedly one healthbetter .

Dirty clothes

The bed sheets and clothes can harbor bacteria that settle on your skin and clog pores. Better change the sheets and pillowcases at least twice a week. The bath towels have the same effect, should also take them into account and always washing.


Something as weird as real. If you noticed the appearance of acnes in the corner of his lips, it is likely that the cause is your toothpaste. Therefore, you should consult with an expert and use another type of folder.

Sleeping with makeup

Going to bed without washing your face and remove all makeup is the worst thing you can do for your face. For more tired you are, take a few minutes and remove all makeup base and paintings. Thus, the skin can breathe well overnight and prevent it from clogging the pores.


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